Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Munsell Family Question

**NOTE: Does anyone know this family???

From: Mike Gottschall
Dec. 4, 2008
Subject: Munsell family question


I was just reading about Townes Van Zandt and saw he was married to Jeanene Munsell (Googling her name brought me to your blog). Almost exactly a year ago, an ex-girlfriend of mine named Joy Munsell died. She was from Texas and had a sister named Janae, so I was curious whether you knew if these Texas Munsells are related to Townes or wife. (I'm a songwriter like Townes, and wrote a lot of songs about Joy - so it seemed cool that there might be a connection to him through Joy. )

...Thanks for your time.

Mike Gottschall (aka Mo Shaw)

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cash-flow mama said...

I do not know either of those people personally but I am part of the Munsell family in KS.