Thursday, January 15, 2009

Munsell/Monsell Family tree site

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From: "AH"
Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2009 10:30 PM
Subject: Munsell/Monsell Family tree site

While searching through my uncle's papers, I realized the history I had in my hands. He is actually my half uncle, same father as mine. I've been doing a little research and came across your website. My uncle was Benjamin Carter Taylor, son of Marion Monsell and Carter Taylor. The information I have is from letters he shared with his only aunt, Helen Albee Monsell, on his mother's side. Here is the lineage as she wrote it.

Marion Monsell was born to Robert Monsell (born 1866) and Anna Hatfield Brewster (Helen (born 1895) is another daughter, and I have been told that there was another sibling who died earlier.)
Robert E. Monsell was born to Edward Monsell (born 1834) and Ellen Albee
Edward Monsell was born to Abraham Monsell and Savina (spelling?) Jayne
Abraham Monsell son to William Monsell who married Sussanah who died in 1854 at age 66
William Monsell son to Alexander Monsell who died 1807 at age 70

On the site there is a Robert Monsell with the birth date of 1866 but it lists his mother as Nelly. I assume this is the same Robert that I have listed whose mother was Ellen according to Helen.

I have about 30 years worth of letters between my uncle and his aunt to go through. The history is just fascinating. The line of the Monsell family ended with my uncle. Helen had no children and neither did my uncle. My father and his sisters inherited everything when my uncle passed a few years ago. I am sure that someone who is related along these family lines would also be interested in these papers. We also have pictures of people that we are unsure who they are and can only assume they are a part of the Monsell family. I am hoping to scan most of the letters so I have duplicate copies, but it will take quite some time to complete.

I hope maybe you can help connect me with other people interested in the Monsell family tree so I may share the history I have with them.

Allison Taylor Hardman

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