Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Linkpendium Surpasses Five Million Links

From Internet Genealogy
Oct/Nov 2006

...Linkpendium, www.linkpendium.com, has announced that it now boasts more than five million genealogy links. Founders Brian Leverich and Karen Isaacson, also founders of RootsWeb, www.RootsWeb.com, said they have categorized close to 550,000 links relating to US localities. The bulk of links on Linkpendium, though, are categorized by surnames worldwide, with nearly 4.5 million entries.
"Linkpendium is by far the largest directory to genealogical resources on the web," said Leverich in a release. "It is, to our knowledge, the second largest human-edited directory of any kind on the web."
Genealogists and regular visitors are encouraged to recommend websites to add to the growing list. In general, websites are reviewed and, if accepted, added within two weeks.
Leverich also said that as the database of links continues to grow, Linkpendium is looking to expand its localities listings to other countries. The site also plans to add more categories, offering links to websites that do not fit into the Surname or Locality sections.
- John Mather

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